Wood & Deck Staining 

Stain work is very similar to painting but has some peculiarities. In general terms, the main difference is that stains penetrate the substrate, where the other coatings adhere to the substrate. Usually we use stains in porous surfaces like wood and concrete; and like the other finishes we have a variety of products. We have types based on transparency, transparent, semi-transparent and solid colors are the most often used categories. The variance is how transparent, or how much of the substrate is visual after the application, is the product, and is based on what is the percentage of the pigment /dyes in the solution. This means that the final color is a combination between the product and the substrate, different species of wood, or different mixtures of concrete would result in different colors even when we use the same stain product. Therefore mock ups are highly recommended for approval, before the final application. On solid stains we may not have this issue because the finish is opaque. We also differentiate stain on the media the stain pigments are dissolved. We have water based, solvent based, which can be petroleum based, or alcohol, products and we also have gel stains, which is a thicker product. Additionally we have acid stains, especially for concrete and reactive stain which react with the substrate and result in a variations in the color as it reacts with the different parts of the substrate. Desired finish, location, and substrate will determined the product we use and also the preparation we have to do. Different products also have recommended application procedures. Staining mistakes can be costly. Because is a penetrating product you have to resurface the area of work in order to make any corrections, and that could be time consuming and pricey.

Pressure washing

Pressure washing is the use of high power water spay, with appropriate detergents to remove dirt, debris, mold, mildew, salt etc. from exterior surfaces. We use pressure washing to clean the areas we will paint so the paint can adhere to substrate and in the case of stain, so the stain can penetrate. Power washing is also used to just clean patios, brick, siding, etc. Although it sounds simple, is not. An inexperienced pressure washing application can cause serious damage. Incorrect pressure, detergent or angle of the pressure gun, can scar the wood, ruin brick or concrete, spread debris and dirt, or flood the interior. That is why we approach each power washing with the seriousness that it deserves. We analyze the situation and determined the appropriate chemical to use. Most of the time, if suitable we do a small test and adjust accordingly if needed. We choose the correct tip and distance of the gun, from the area we power wash, to be effective but not distractive. We always use environmentally safe chemicals so not to harm plant and animal life at the area of work. Safety is always of utmost importance. Our employees are highly trained and use all the protective equipment and procedures to ensure their safety s and the safety of your property.


Caulking refers to both the process, and the material used, sometimes refer to as sealant. There are many different types of application of caulking. What we offer is joint sealant services which are the application of a flexible compound applied in seams, cracks or joints. This helps to prevent the penetration of moisture, air and debris, and yet allows flexibility for expansion and contraction. There are several different categories of caulking material, including latex, Silicon, siliconized latex, epoxy etc., and also we can divide them in paintable and non-paintable. Location, function and top finish will determine what type of caulking is best suitable for each application. The correct installation process is also equally important. From preparation - cleaning the area by removing old caulking and debris, wire brushing or sanding joints, vacuuming or bushing out dust, to applying the correct caulking primer, installation of backer rod if the gap is large, and finally the application of the sealant, tooling it for a smooth and uniform look. Our experience allows us, in consolation with manufactures, to recommend and implement the best solution regarding material and method for each situation.

Gutter Cleaning

With Fall comes leaves, vibrant and beautiful. But one thing isn't so beautiful and that is a clogged gutter system caused by falling leaves. Not only is it a pain to clean out, but the long-term damage a clogged rain gutter can create is substantial. Capital Painting Company takes the hassle out of gutter cleaning for you. Why is gutter cleaning so important? Clean gutters allow rainwater to flow smoothly to the ground and away from your foundation. Continued water leakage down the side of your home into your foundation will create cracks in the walls and leaks as well. Additional issues that can asrise include mold and siding problems; water can cause wood siding to bow or become moldy over time.

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